Doors and Squirt


So many doors….

After I drank 3 glasses of Squirt (yes, it was worth it!)…

The Heroes had returned to the surface and reunited with the Druid to make a full party.

They find that Tsuto Kaijutsu has escaped prison, but his journal has at least been partially deciphered. It mentions Nualia, whom Tsuto is allied and attracted to. Though he knows he is only a part of her plot, they both agree that Sandpoint must be razed to the ground, and Nualia has the aid of 5 local goblin tribes.

These clues led them to Thistletop, a day up the coast and winding through thorny briars. Balthazar was able to help the Druid make a fairly easy trek to the location indicated in the plans. Upon crossing a treacherous rope bridge, it opened into a cavernous complex with so far at least 3 known levels, well over 100 feet above the sea.

The top level contained several goblins, and many more were heard in the unexplored aspects of the complex. During one encounter in a training yard, they were able to free a majestic Warhorse, Shadowmist. They encountered several goblin dogs who, when shot down at range by bows, alerted a goblin druid and his minions. They were dispatched. Further explorations led to Warchief Ripnugget and his band. Though he wasn’t a pushover, he was eventually defeated. The heroes then found a staircase down to another level.

The first level below the surface has been left largely unexplored, but they did encounter a scheming Wizard who disappeared at the first sign of real trouble. Following her down they encountered and set free several prisoners. A large temple of Lamashtu was found, with Yeth Hounds guarding it. They were defeated and the altar/statue of Lamashtu destroyed. Also encountered a Tentamort, who patrolled the 2 large rooms in the North and East of the area. The painful sting dealt moderate CON damage to the Fighter and Rogue.

Finding another set of stairs, they followed down and found a vast sunken treasury. What remains for now is unknown, but a large gold-plated helmet looks to be valuable, if only the giant hermit crab wearing it can be persuaded to part with it. Briefly visited were a crypt, though it was not thoroughly searched, and then a pillar with coin slots. The slots were filled, so the pillar went down into the ground. There were 3 doors here, and our heroes chose to start with the Northmost. It had an image of a man repeating a loop of speech that was unknown to the PC’s. They then discovered an ancient laboratory, which they have decided to hole up in and rest/lick their wounds.

XP totals:

Everyone received 2440 XP for this session. Some roleplaying and strategy awards will be given out when the module concludes.

Miah total-7,440




Depending on how much is explored, everyone may or may not hit 4th lvl by the conclusion. If not, it’s not a huge deal since the party will be slightly bigger than designed for.



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