If this were a Tim Burton movie, we'd ALL be Batman

The end of the module


I thought you were all doomed (or I was going to have to make up something else…)

After somewhat of an interrogation of Justice Ironbriar, the PC’s discovered that even though he was charmed, he is still a vicious murderer. He was then stripped of anything valuable and turned over to the authorities.

Speaking with Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras they learned more about the location visited by Bojo Eversullied; a rotting clocktower known as The Shadow Clock, found in the Shadow under the Irespan.

After making a grand entrance, they were confronted by a Golem-like being made of flesh and dressed as a scarecrow. While soundly beaten, it did manage to escape, whereabouts unknown.

The rickety clocktower stairs proved to be very hazardous, with a few accidents along the way due to shoddy construction. A bell was also sent crashing down, giving Balthazaar the Barbarian a sound thrashing. Some Faceless Stalkers were encountered on the stair, but were slain.

When the top of the tower was reached, they found a vile demon, surrounded by smoke. Suddenly, Bojo Eversullied and his cat Fiki were turned to stone (due to a shit-tastic DM ruling…)!

The demon turned out to be an illusion, and the real threat was revealed, a Lamia Matriarch. She proved to be too much for the party at first, doling out a lot of damage and spells. However she didn’t count on the ingenuity of the heroes, who promptly anchored her to a statue, which was then pushed off the roof. She fell to her death, and is currently being made into sets of boots and a belt.

Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras Was very grateful that the threat was removed, awarding the players 6,000 gp each for their trouble. He then asked a favor of the heroes, to check out a Fort manned by a society of rangers that keeps the region free from Ogres that live nearby. It seems they’ve not been heard from in a long time, physically or by magical means. They’ll leave in a week for Fort Rannick.

In the meantime, they recruited a cleric from the local ranks to join them on their adventures.

Morrigan has decided to follow a lead regarding her parents, and may be absent for a while.

For saftey/plot reasons, I’m awarding arbitrary XP needed to advance to the next lvl. No one will be under 6th lvl at this time, and the original cast will still be ahead a little.




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