I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK....

mass confusion

Among the mess created by Aldern Foxglove, the heroes found a note mentioning a Sihedron Ritual, rising as an undead, the Brothers of the Seven, A list of victims intended for the Sihedron ritual, and Foxglove’s townhome in the city of Magnimar. It was signed as “Your Mistress, Wanton of Nature’s Pagan Forms”. The note also indicated that the ‘signer’, whomever she may be, worked for someone else; and that the Sihedron ritual committed on a person before death put their souls to good use, particularly those with vices to exploit.

Reporting back to Sheriff Belor Hemlock, the heroes are given a letter of introduction to take to Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras in Magnimar so they might explore Foxglove’s townhome.

After resting for the night they set out to Magnimar and were greeted warmly by Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras, who promised a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest or destruction of any additional murderers. Apparently Magnimar has also had a rash of people that were found faceless, carved, and with a 7 pointed star carved into their chests. Mostly merchants, politicians, crooked guards, moneylenders, and gamblers. None of the murders have been particularly high-profile, but the fact that the wealthy are more likely than the poor has lead to a panic among the upper crust. The Mayor also introduces them to Justice Ironbriar, whom has been charged with forming a task force within the City Guard to investigate. He would also like any additional information.

They found Foxglove’s townhome to be boarded up, but one of the keys found on Aldern Foxglove unlocked the front door. Upon entering they found the place ransacked. While exploring, Marroar Taletreader encountered what appeared to be Aldern and Iesha Foxglove, inviting him to a pleasant meal. Not having any of it, he retrieved the rest of the party to confront the pair. They then resumed their natural forms of fleshy, undulating humanoids with longswords. After defeating the pair they were able to explore the rest of the townhome, and found a stash of loot along with legal papers regarding the townhome, as well as the original deed to Foxglove Manor. Oddly, this deed stated that it was only 80% financed by the Foxgloves 80 years prior, and that the rest was offered by the ‘Brothers of the Seven’. The Manor, it’s land (1 mile surrounding) and ‘what is beneath’ is to revert to the ownership of the Brothers at the 100 year mark. The same ledger recorded nearly a dozen entries indicating that 200gp each was paid for ’Iesha’s trip’, with payment having been dropped off every Oathday (?) at ‘The Seven’s Sawmill’.

Having reported this to Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras, the heroes then went to the local sawmill, and warped the door in. The first encountered workers indicated that it wasn’t ‘a safe place’ and that they should ‘speak to the manager’. Being persistent, the heroes found an optical illusion to be the easiest way up. There they confronted the workers, who immediately turned aggressive and attacked. The first were easily overcome, but on upper levels several assailants, dressed in odd outfits and bearing masks proved more of a challenge.

Upon reaching the top, they ran into several assailants and a leader wearing a different mask. They were eventually defeated. Marroar Taletreader gave a stout beating to the leader, who turned out to be Justice Ironbriar under the influence of a charm spell. After being subdued, he claimed not to remember much after the heroes left his chambers, other than a representative from the Lumber Consortium visited him.

The last things they found were an office that contained many skinned faces, and a rookery that contained ravens. Bojo Eversullied spoke with them, indicating that they ‘fly back and forth for snacks!’. Despite the fact that the snacks weren’t eyeballs, the ravens were happy to show Bojo where they fly to. Bojo saw a clocktower in an area of the city that doesn’t get much light because it’s under a bridge. A woman opened a small hatch to let the ravens in.


The total gained from the current encounters is 2800xp for this session. I am also awarding Miguel and Will 500xp for being awesome, I mean contributing to the game by getting the map and miniatures. It saved my brain and made the combat a ton smoother.

Totals are now as follows:




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