Near Death Experiences

Shitty dice rolls abound!

After a brief rest, our heroes opened a large door with a 7-pointed star in the middle where handles would be. A large fiery pit was in the middle of the room. Upon entering, they were attacked by a Greater Barghest. The creature proved very tough, but was eventually overcome. Amongst his treasure was found a small ornate coffer with a ring inside.

Exploring the rest of the area, the group encountered a trapped hallway, which was disabled. Entering a grand cavern they encountered Tsuto Kaijutsu, Nualia, and her bodyguards.

Nualia wanted revenge for the desecration of her patron Goddess, Lamashtu. Despite having nearly lost 3 members of the party, the day was eventually won.

A journal from Nualia revealed that she recruited Tsuto Kaijutsu as a tool to please Lamashtu, as well as fill a soulwell located beneath Glassworks encountered earlier, which has yet to be dealt with.

The people of Sandpoint were of course very grateful. Once the notes in the two journals were brought to light, Mayor Kendra Deverin decided to dedicate a celebratory addition to Burning Day (aka, the first goblin raid). The heroes were given 4,000 GP each in addition to the treasure hoard, and also receive a 5% discount from all merchants in Sandpoint.

Aldern Foxglove was especially impressed, thanking Daryl especially proudly. Indeed, it seems Aldern Foxglove is very impressed with the characters, particularly Daryl, and never misses an opportunity to thank him.

XP and totals:

Everyone received 2200XP for the encounters, and 300 XP for winding up the module (2500xp total)

Dan-7440+2500=9940, + 300XP for role-playing=10240 total


Miguel-6940+2500=9440+100 for creative use of talents=9550

Miah-6940+2500=9440+100 for creative use of talents=9550.



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