Ogres and Entrails

I’s huntin’ Baaaar!

The current crisis involves checking out a fort called Fort Rannick. The fort is normally occupied by a secluded Order of Rangers called The Black Arrows. Hearing rumors that the PC’s would be checking out the Fort, Shalelu Andosana asked to accompany them.

Before they could arrive at the Fort, however, they heard animal noises in the woods. Following up, they happened upon a panicked bear in a trap. Worse, what was hunting the bear was an Ogrekin, along with his dogs.

The PC’s released the bear, realizing that he was more than a simple forest animal. The bear wanted the PC’s to follow him, but the Ogrekin hunting party caught up with them. After slaughtering the dogs in a massive swipe and soundly thrashing the Ogrekin, they were escorted to the Graul family farm. What followed was a depraved, disturbing foray into inbred Ogrekin life, including a pit of Ogrekin abortions, dead Black Arrows, and a really f’n big spider. There were 3 survivors, one of which was known to Shalelu Andosana.

The current XP totals are below.

Dan——-27,300 + 6710=34,010
Will——25,000 + 6710=31710
Miah——27,000 + 6710=33710
Jonas—25,000 + 6710=31710

Angela-26,900 + 0=26,900
Miguel-27,000 + 0=26,900



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