Stupid Quasit!

After a brief respite our heroes returned to the Catacombs of Wrath. Unfortunately the Druid contracted anal badgers that day, and could not venture forth with the party, so they recruited the services of Balthazar the Barbarian™, who proudly caught up on plot engagements.

Zombies were passed (and left alone) to wail in their pits. A vargouille was encountered, and even though it was agile and able to paralyze the Fighter, it was summarily dispatched.

Also encountered was a strange spherical room, in which the heroes began to float uncontrollably. Eventually an escape was made, but not before a book, scroll, bottle of wine and a wand were found. The wand was found to have Shocking Grasp (28 charges) in it, the other items remain unidentified.

The heroes then made their way to a Shrine of Lamashtu, and took 4 vials of unholy water. The passage opened up to a large underground Cathedral, in which a strange well was seen. This well allowed a Sinspawn out, and then the heroes were attacked by a strange Quasit. The Quasit was not easily defeated, but after some time she breathed her last. Her belongings were a +1 returning small dagger, A miniature Tiara (50gp), and an unholy symbol of Lamashtu (10gp).

Finding no further clues to the goings on, the heroes have decided to return to the surface.

Though this isn’t the spot for it, here’s the XP so far (rounded to an even number to preserve sanity)

Angela and Miah-5,000

Miguel and Dan-2,500



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