OK, We get it, 7 f'n pointed star already...

After a brief respite, some twinking, and being introduced to their new Monk Marroar Taletreader, the heroes were approached once more by Sheriff Belor Hemlock to aid him in solving 2 sets of murders. The Sheriff believed they could be connected, and that there would probably be many more.

The heroes arrive at a local sawmill to find 2 dead. One female victim cut in half by the main logsplitters, and one mutilated body of a mill worker. The symbol carved into his chest is familiar to the heroes, as they saw it several times in the goblin hideout, and it is also marked on 2 medallions that they wear.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock Also points out that these were not the first murders. A few days prior some con men were murdered, only their bodyguard surviving, who was locked up in a Sanitarium.

Those bodies too, were mutilated in a similar fashion. Missing parts of their faces and a 7 pointed star carved into their chests. A visit to the Sanitarium finds the survivor suffering from Ghoul Fever. Though he wasn’t able to answer too many questions, he did mention the Skinsaw Man, and seemed particularly jealous of Daryl Bode, whom he claimed ‘had a special place’ and should ’go to the Misgivings, meet the pack, for they have something wonderful to show you". He then became a ghoul, was killed, and then was set ablaze by the Druid.

Returning to report to Sheriff Hemlock, they discover that there is a new problem. The nearby farmsteads are being attacked by ‘scarecrows’. The heroes rode out to investigate, finding that the scarecrows were a mix of people and ghouls. After clearing out the farmhouse and finding a key (and the Hambley’s 340gp live savings) they returned to town and investigated the ‘Misgivings’, which is a local name for Foxglove manor.

After a brief rest, the heroes descended upon Foxglove Manor, a ruined an haunted place. Several hauntings happened, including meeting the revenant of the Aldern Foxglove’s murdered wife, Iesha. Once freed of a mirror that faced her, Iesha led the characters down below the basement to an underground cave, where several undead ghouls, and a ghoul bat resided. They then confronted the ghoulish Aldern Foxglove, who seemed to have several facets to him. He was eventually slain before he could answer any questions, but surely some will be answered upon searching his lair.

XP: Everyone received 5110 XP for the encounters. Angela, Will, and Miah all received a bonus 500 XP for both signing up and completing character bios. The current totals:

Dan: 15350
Angela: 15050
Will: 10610
Miah: 15150
MIguel: 14650



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