Daryl Bode

Cheeky rogue, happens to dislike tentamorts quite a bit.


The son of a minor noble, so minor in fact it requires the external labors of all of the children to support the family estates. Forced to tow the line for family and name he developed an independent streak and a rebellious nature.

Attending a military academy Daryl fell into a crowd of well-intentioned miscreants and developed a style for breaking and entering. Not being as sturdily built as his other classmates he uses his dexterity to his advantage in combat.

Recently finding himself fending off a demonic conspiracy and goblin infestation has garnered some local fame, of which the attention is agreeable. How deep does this taint go? Daryl wishes he knew more about otherworldly denizens.

Secret aspirations to learn more of the bardic trade and the recent discovery of a fine flute are pushing heavily to start rocking some epic vocals.

Daryl is very proud of his Lamia boots.


Daryl Bode

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