Justice Ironbriar

Elven judge


The heroes were introduced to Justice Ironbriar by Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras after telling their tale surrounding the Foxglove mystery.

Ironbriar is an Elf rogue 1/cleric 6. Not strong in stature, he is very nimble looking. His face often bears a very stern, aloof look that seems much more severe than most Elves.

After directing them to a townhome belonging to Aldern Foxglove, Ironbriar dismissed the heroes and wished them luck.

At the end of their encounter in the sawmill, he was unmasked as a final assailant. After being pinned he appeared to be the subject of a charm spell, and claimed not to remember much after the heroes left, other than a representative from the Lumber Consortium visited him.

Justice Ironbriar

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