Marroar Taletreader

Tall, thin as a rail, with a slow smile and easy wit despite his past. Yes, he will punch you in the face. To death.


Marroar Taletreader is an Elven monk. His village was attacked by Drow at a young age and he was taken as a captive, along with many others. He was tortured and starved by the Drow and tried to be remolded into a warrior for the Drow. He learned their fighting style (Spider Style), but managed to escape. His torture and starvation are easily to see if he removes his jacket, which he almost never does. He is covered in scars and is extremely thin (6’6" and 118 pounds, all by die roll). He carries nothing but a bedroll, a little food, a sling and stones, and two kama. He wears goggles to hide his eyes from the sun.

His goals are to live his life in freedom and to kill Drow, but he does not seek them out. He uses the meditations he learned from the Drow gurus to keep himself calm in almost all circumstances.

Marroar Taletreader

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