Final Battle

All items acquired and identified


This is the master list of what we had laying around from all 3 sessions.

Keep in mind this also details what was found, so there may be duplicates of a couple things written down on character sheets.

Anything that no one claims can be sold for 75% of it’s value in gp. It would normally be 50% but the extra is given due to it being ‘artifacts’ of the heroes’ adventures.

Any conflicts on desired items can be decided by a roll off or bribery to the GM.

2 potions of Cure Light Wounds
2 potions of Speak with Animals
2 potions of tree shape
2 potion of Cure Moderate wounds

1 Size Small MW breastplate (175)
2 +1 Cloak of resistance (750 ea)
+1 Leather Armor (small) (500)
+1 Banded mail (950)
1 MW Heavy Steel shield (125)
+1 Hide armor (small, made from dogs!) (275)
+1 Breastplate (600)

1 Scroll of Burning hands (CL 3), found in catacombs
1 Scroll of sleep
1 Scroll of comprehend languages
1 scroll of Minor Image
1 scroll of Wispering Wind
1 scroll of See Invisibility

1 Ring of Force Shield
Ring of Protection +1 (Miguel)

1 +1 Dogslicer (goblin dagger) (150)
1 MW dogslicer (60)
1 +1 Longsword (1500)
1 MW handaxe (25)
1 Silver Dagger (150)
2 MW composite longbow (185 ea) {1 to Angela}
1 MW Bastard Sword (90)
1 +1 Bastard sword (500)
+1 returning dagger (Miah)
1 MW Ranseur (50)

1 wand of Produce Flame (34 charges)
1 wand of Magic Missile (CL 1, 36 charges)
1 wand of Shocking Grasp (Miah

500gp from enemies

Ancient book detailing worship of Lamashtu (100gp value)
Silver Comb (25gp)
pearl earring (50gp)
1 Gold holy symbol of Lamashtu (100gp)
1 obsidian symbol of Lamashtu (10gp)
2 Amulets of false life/gentle repose (+1 to all saving throws, 1x per day False Life, gentle repose on corpse) both bearing a 7-pointed star.
Ornate silver coffer (100gp)
1 bottle of wine
4 vials of unholy water
1 miniature Tiara (50gp)
Masterwork thieve’s tools (given to Miah)
Masterwork flute
Silver Earrings (25gp value)
300gp worth of gold dust
40 gp worth of silver dust
100 gp worth of PP (10)
6 Everburning Torches


Final Battle

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