townhome and sawmill loots

stuff found during 8-1 and 8-7



1 +1 war razor (350gp)
2 MW longswords (200gp ttl)


1 ring of protection +1 ( given to Marroar Taletreader)
1 Ring of jumping (adds 20 ft to jump, 30 with a running start, adds +10 the acrobatic check to land)


3 Potions of Barkskin +3


1 evil mask, sold for 1750gp to the local church for destruction.


Noble’s outfit (200gp)
Silver cameo with a portrait of Daryl Bode in it. (100gp)
Painting of ice cathedral (200gp)
a wizard’s spellbook containing many spells.
A finely bound tome, The Serpent’s Tane: fairy tales of the Eldest. Interesting book of myth,
A thin ledger written in an odd cipher of Elven, Draconic, and Infernal characters.

1750gp from selling the Stalker’s Mask on the Skinsaw Man to the church
200PP (2000gp). Nestegg found in Aldern’s townhome
3 large but poorly cut diamonds (200gp each)
1 beautiful crystal decantur set w/obsidian stopper. (300gp)
3 bags of 100gp (found in a barrel in the Mill)
120gp found on Mill assailants


townhome and sawmill loots

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