Session 2

After being introduced to {druid} by Shalelu Andosana, the party rests for the night. During brunch they are approached by Bethana Corwin who asks them to find the whereabouts of Ameiko Kaijutsu who has gone missing overnight. A note is found from Tsuto Kaijutsu asking Ameiko to join him at Glassworks, a Kaijutsu family glass foundry.

The Party set off immediately to investigate. Even though it was mid day and the foundry’s smokestack was active, the curtains were drawn and doors locked.

The Party climbed up onto the roof and observed disarray in the main entrance, and goblins entertaining themselves with the bodies of the dead workers in the furnace area.

After breaking in, they were able to get most of the goblins, however one escaped revealing a tunnel underneath Glassworks. They find Ameiko Kaijutsu badly injured in one of the storerooms, and encounter Tsuto Kaijutsu a short time later. Tsuto ambushes the party but is no match for them. They disabled him and took him back along with Ameiko to Sandpoint, where Tsuto is currently imprisoned.

The party then returned to the tunnel, encountering disgusting interplanar creatures with split mandibles and claws, yet they wielded weapons.


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