I have some catching up todo

There have been a few game sessions, and they apparently were never written down.


Now the adventures are in Fortress of the Stone Giants. The PC’s are making their way through the fortress into Morkmurian’s lair. Fuzzah.

I have, however, marked total xp. go me!


Go go gadget 11th lvl!

Snake Women in a Mof'n Dungeon

Our Heroes fought their way through many an ogre, taking a lot of hooks, stomps, and clubs in the process. At the bottom of Fort Rannick was Lucrecia, sister of another Lamia the heroes vanquished. She offered them to join her, saying “Morkmurian would love to meet you!”. The PC’s refused, and Lucrecia pointed out that one of the surviving Black Arrows was a traitor that gave the information necessary to take Ft. Rannick. The other survivors beat him to a pulp and then took him into custody. Kaven can be interrogated later.

The PC’s were given the opportunity to become stewards of Ft. Rannick, along with a modest budget from Turtleback Ferry for repairs. Jakrados, stepfather to Shalelu Andosana, doesn’t wish to stay in the region but Vale Termos, another surviving Black Arrow, is willing to help rebuild the Order while the PC’s oversee the Fort’s operations.

New XP totals:

Ummm....Ogres again

This session was purely ogre killing. Unfortunately, Bojo Eversullied was captured and used as a sex toy for Ogres, which he didn’t survive. His cat, Fiki, mourned the loss for roughly 12 seconds before throwing up, chasing a sparrow, and passing out for the next 8 hours.

New xp totals:

Will——31710+2650=34360 (goddammit! So close!)

Ogres and Entrails

I’s huntin’ Baaaar!

The current crisis involves checking out a fort called Fort Rannick. The fort is normally occupied by a secluded Order of Rangers called The Black Arrows. Hearing rumors that the PC’s would be checking out the Fort, Shalelu Andosana asked to accompany them.

Before they could arrive at the Fort, however, they heard animal noises in the woods. Following up, they happened upon a panicked bear in a trap. Worse, what was hunting the bear was an Ogrekin, along with his dogs.

The PC’s released the bear, realizing that he was more than a simple forest animal. The bear wanted the PC’s to follow him, but the Ogrekin hunting party caught up with them. After slaughtering the dogs in a massive swipe and soundly thrashing the Ogrekin, they were escorted to the Graul family farm. What followed was a depraved, disturbing foray into inbred Ogrekin life, including a pit of Ogrekin abortions, dead Black Arrows, and a really f’n big spider. There were 3 survivors, one of which was known to Shalelu Andosana.

The current XP totals are below.

Dan——-27,300 + 6710=34,010
Will——25,000 + 6710=31710
Miah——27,000 + 6710=33710
Jonas—25,000 + 6710=31710

Angela-26,900 + 0=26,900
Miguel-27,000 + 0=26,900

If this were a Tim Burton movie, we'd ALL be Batman
The end of the module


I thought you were all doomed (or I was going to have to make up something else…)

After somewhat of an interrogation of Justice Ironbriar, the PC’s discovered that even though he was charmed, he is still a vicious murderer. He was then stripped of anything valuable and turned over to the authorities.

Speaking with Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras they learned more about the location visited by Bojo Eversullied; a rotting clocktower known as The Shadow Clock, found in the Shadow under the Irespan.

After making a grand entrance, they were confronted by a Golem-like being made of flesh and dressed as a scarecrow. While soundly beaten, it did manage to escape, whereabouts unknown.

The rickety clocktower stairs proved to be very hazardous, with a few accidents along the way due to shoddy construction. A bell was also sent crashing down, giving Balthazaar the Barbarian a sound thrashing. Some Faceless Stalkers were encountered on the stair, but were slain.

When the top of the tower was reached, they found a vile demon, surrounded by smoke. Suddenly, Bojo Eversullied and his cat Fiki were turned to stone (due to a shit-tastic DM ruling…)!

The demon turned out to be an illusion, and the real threat was revealed, a Lamia Matriarch. She proved to be too much for the party at first, doling out a lot of damage and spells. However she didn’t count on the ingenuity of the heroes, who promptly anchored her to a statue, which was then pushed off the roof. She fell to her death, and is currently being made into sets of boots and a belt.

Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras Was very grateful that the threat was removed, awarding the players 6,000 gp each for their trouble. He then asked a favor of the heroes, to check out a Fort manned by a society of rangers that keeps the region free from Ogres that live nearby. It seems they’ve not been heard from in a long time, physically or by magical means. They’ll leave in a week for Fort Rannick.

In the meantime, they recruited a cleric from the local ranks to join them on their adventures.

Morrigan has decided to follow a lead regarding her parents, and may be absent for a while.

For saftey/plot reasons, I’m awarding arbitrary XP needed to advance to the next lvl. No one will be under 6th lvl at this time, and the original cast will still be ahead a little.


I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK....
mass confusion

Among the mess created by Aldern Foxglove, the heroes found a note mentioning a Sihedron Ritual, rising as an undead, the Brothers of the Seven, A list of victims intended for the Sihedron ritual, and Foxglove’s townhome in the city of Magnimar. It was signed as “Your Mistress, Wanton of Nature’s Pagan Forms”. The note also indicated that the ‘signer’, whomever she may be, worked for someone else; and that the Sihedron ritual committed on a person before death put their souls to good use, particularly those with vices to exploit.

Reporting back to Sheriff Belor Hemlock, the heroes are given a letter of introduction to take to Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras in Magnimar so they might explore Foxglove’s townhome.

After resting for the night they set out to Magnimar and were greeted warmly by Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras, who promised a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest or destruction of any additional murderers. Apparently Magnimar has also had a rash of people that were found faceless, carved, and with a 7 pointed star carved into their chests. Mostly merchants, politicians, crooked guards, moneylenders, and gamblers. None of the murders have been particularly high-profile, but the fact that the wealthy are more likely than the poor has lead to a panic among the upper crust. The Mayor also introduces them to Justice Ironbriar, whom has been charged with forming a task force within the City Guard to investigate. He would also like any additional information.

They found Foxglove’s townhome to be boarded up, but one of the keys found on Aldern Foxglove unlocked the front door. Upon entering they found the place ransacked. While exploring, Marroar Taletreader encountered what appeared to be Aldern and Iesha Foxglove, inviting him to a pleasant meal. Not having any of it, he retrieved the rest of the party to confront the pair. They then resumed their natural forms of fleshy, undulating humanoids with longswords. After defeating the pair they were able to explore the rest of the townhome, and found a stash of loot along with legal papers regarding the townhome, as well as the original deed to Foxglove Manor. Oddly, this deed stated that it was only 80% financed by the Foxgloves 80 years prior, and that the rest was offered by the ‘Brothers of the Seven’. The Manor, it’s land (1 mile surrounding) and ‘what is beneath’ is to revert to the ownership of the Brothers at the 100 year mark. The same ledger recorded nearly a dozen entries indicating that 200gp each was paid for ’Iesha’s trip’, with payment having been dropped off every Oathday (?) at ‘The Seven’s Sawmill’.

Having reported this to Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groboras, the heroes then went to the local sawmill, and warped the door in. The first encountered workers indicated that it wasn’t ‘a safe place’ and that they should ‘speak to the manager’. Being persistent, the heroes found an optical illusion to be the easiest way up. There they confronted the workers, who immediately turned aggressive and attacked. The first were easily overcome, but on upper levels several assailants, dressed in odd outfits and bearing masks proved more of a challenge.

Upon reaching the top, they ran into several assailants and a leader wearing a different mask. They were eventually defeated. Marroar Taletreader gave a stout beating to the leader, who turned out to be Justice Ironbriar under the influence of a charm spell. After being subdued, he claimed not to remember much after the heroes left his chambers, other than a representative from the Lumber Consortium visited him.

The last things they found were an office that contained many skinned faces, and a rookery that contained ravens. Bojo Eversullied spoke with them, indicating that they ‘fly back and forth for snacks!’. Despite the fact that the snacks weren’t eyeballs, the ravens were happy to show Bojo where they fly to. Bojo saw a clocktower in an area of the city that doesn’t get much light because it’s under a bridge. A woman opened a small hatch to let the ravens in.


The total gained from the current encounters is 2800xp for this session. I am also awarding Miguel and Will 500xp for being awesome, I mean contributing to the game by getting the map and miniatures. It saved my brain and made the combat a ton smoother.

Totals are now as follows:


OK, We get it, 7 f'n pointed star already...

After a brief respite, some twinking, and being introduced to their new Monk Marroar Taletreader, the heroes were approached once more by Sheriff Belor Hemlock to aid him in solving 2 sets of murders. The Sheriff believed they could be connected, and that there would probably be many more.

The heroes arrive at a local sawmill to find 2 dead. One female victim cut in half by the main logsplitters, and one mutilated body of a mill worker. The symbol carved into his chest is familiar to the heroes, as they saw it several times in the goblin hideout, and it is also marked on 2 medallions that they wear.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock Also points out that these were not the first murders. A few days prior some con men were murdered, only their bodyguard surviving, who was locked up in a Sanitarium.

Those bodies too, were mutilated in a similar fashion. Missing parts of their faces and a 7 pointed star carved into their chests. A visit to the Sanitarium finds the survivor suffering from Ghoul Fever. Though he wasn’t able to answer too many questions, he did mention the Skinsaw Man, and seemed particularly jealous of Daryl Bode, whom he claimed ‘had a special place’ and should ’go to the Misgivings, meet the pack, for they have something wonderful to show you". He then became a ghoul, was killed, and then was set ablaze by the Druid.

Returning to report to Sheriff Hemlock, they discover that there is a new problem. The nearby farmsteads are being attacked by ‘scarecrows’. The heroes rode out to investigate, finding that the scarecrows were a mix of people and ghouls. After clearing out the farmhouse and finding a key (and the Hambley’s 340gp live savings) they returned to town and investigated the ‘Misgivings’, which is a local name for Foxglove manor.

After a brief rest, the heroes descended upon Foxglove Manor, a ruined an haunted place. Several hauntings happened, including meeting the revenant of the Aldern Foxglove’s murdered wife, Iesha. Once freed of a mirror that faced her, Iesha led the characters down below the basement to an underground cave, where several undead ghouls, and a ghoul bat resided. They then confronted the ghoulish Aldern Foxglove, who seemed to have several facets to him. He was eventually slain before he could answer any questions, but surely some will be answered upon searching his lair.

XP: Everyone received 5110 XP for the encounters. Angela, Will, and Miah all received a bonus 500 XP for both signing up and completing character bios. The current totals:

Dan: 15350
Angela: 15050
Will: 10610
Miah: 15150
MIguel: 14650

Near Death Experiences
Shitty dice rolls abound!

After a brief rest, our heroes opened a large door with a 7-pointed star in the middle where handles would be. A large fiery pit was in the middle of the room. Upon entering, they were attacked by a Greater Barghest. The creature proved very tough, but was eventually overcome. Amongst his treasure was found a small ornate coffer with a ring inside.

Exploring the rest of the area, the group encountered a trapped hallway, which was disabled. Entering a grand cavern they encountered Tsuto Kaijutsu, Nualia, and her bodyguards.

Nualia wanted revenge for the desecration of her patron Goddess, Lamashtu. Despite having nearly lost 3 members of the party, the day was eventually won.

A journal from Nualia revealed that she recruited Tsuto Kaijutsu as a tool to please Lamashtu, as well as fill a soulwell located beneath Glassworks encountered earlier, which has yet to be dealt with.

The people of Sandpoint were of course very grateful. Once the notes in the two journals were brought to light, Mayor Kendra Deverin decided to dedicate a celebratory addition to Burning Day (aka, the first goblin raid). The heroes were given 4,000 GP each in addition to the treasure hoard, and also receive a 5% discount from all merchants in Sandpoint.

Aldern Foxglove was especially impressed, thanking Daryl especially proudly. Indeed, it seems Aldern Foxglove is very impressed with the characters, particularly Daryl, and never misses an opportunity to thank him.

XP and totals:

Everyone received 2200XP for the encounters, and 300 XP for winding up the module (2500xp total)

Dan-7440+2500=9940, + 300XP for role-playing=10240 total


Miguel-6940+2500=9440+100 for creative use of talents=9550

Miah-6940+2500=9440+100 for creative use of talents=9550.

Doors and Squirt

So many doors….

After I drank 3 glasses of Squirt (yes, it was worth it!)…

The Heroes had returned to the surface and reunited with the Druid to make a full party.

They find that Tsuto Kaijutsu has escaped prison, but his journal has at least been partially deciphered. It mentions Nualia, whom Tsuto is allied and attracted to. Though he knows he is only a part of her plot, they both agree that Sandpoint must be razed to the ground, and Nualia has the aid of 5 local goblin tribes.

These clues led them to Thistletop, a day up the coast and winding through thorny briars. Balthazar was able to help the Druid make a fairly easy trek to the location indicated in the plans. Upon crossing a treacherous rope bridge, it opened into a cavernous complex with so far at least 3 known levels, well over 100 feet above the sea.

The top level contained several goblins, and many more were heard in the unexplored aspects of the complex. During one encounter in a training yard, they were able to free a majestic Warhorse, Shadowmist. They encountered several goblin dogs who, when shot down at range by bows, alerted a goblin druid and his minions. They were dispatched. Further explorations led to Warchief Ripnugget and his band. Though he wasn’t a pushover, he was eventually defeated. The heroes then found a staircase down to another level.

The first level below the surface has been left largely unexplored, but they did encounter a scheming Wizard who disappeared at the first sign of real trouble. Following her down they encountered and set free several prisoners. A large temple of Lamashtu was found, with Yeth Hounds guarding it. They were defeated and the altar/statue of Lamashtu destroyed. Also encountered a Tentamort, who patrolled the 2 large rooms in the North and East of the area. The painful sting dealt moderate CON damage to the Fighter and Rogue.

Finding another set of stairs, they followed down and found a vast sunken treasury. What remains for now is unknown, but a large gold-plated helmet looks to be valuable, if only the giant hermit crab wearing it can be persuaded to part with it. Briefly visited were a crypt, though it was not thoroughly searched, and then a pillar with coin slots. The slots were filled, so the pillar went down into the ground. There were 3 doors here, and our heroes chose to start with the Northmost. It had an image of a man repeating a loop of speech that was unknown to the PC’s. They then discovered an ancient laboratory, which they have decided to hole up in and rest/lick their wounds.

XP totals:

Everyone received 2440 XP for this session. Some roleplaying and strategy awards will be given out when the module concludes.

Miah total-7,440




Depending on how much is explored, everyone may or may not hit 4th lvl by the conclusion. If not, it’s not a huge deal since the party will be slightly bigger than designed for.

Stupid Quasit!

After a brief respite our heroes returned to the Catacombs of Wrath. Unfortunately the Druid contracted anal badgers that day, and could not venture forth with the party, so they recruited the services of Balthazar the Barbarian™, who proudly caught up on plot engagements.

Zombies were passed (and left alone) to wail in their pits. A vargouille was encountered, and even though it was agile and able to paralyze the Fighter, it was summarily dispatched.

Also encountered was a strange spherical room, in which the heroes began to float uncontrollably. Eventually an escape was made, but not before a book, scroll, bottle of wine and a wand were found. The wand was found to have Shocking Grasp (28 charges) in it, the other items remain unidentified.

The heroes then made their way to a Shrine of Lamashtu, and took 4 vials of unholy water. The passage opened up to a large underground Cathedral, in which a strange well was seen. This well allowed a Sinspawn out, and then the heroes were attacked by a strange Quasit. The Quasit was not easily defeated, but after some time she breathed her last. Her belongings were a +1 returning small dagger, A miniature Tiara (50gp), and an unholy symbol of Lamashtu (10gp).

Finding no further clues to the goings on, the heroes have decided to return to the surface.

Though this isn’t the spot for it, here’s the XP so far (rounded to an even number to preserve sanity)

Angela and Miah-5,000

Miguel and Dan-2,500


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