Snake Women in a Mof'n Dungeon

Our Heroes fought their way through many an ogre, taking a lot of hooks, stomps, and clubs in the process. At the bottom of Fort Rannick was Lucrecia, sister of another Lamia the heroes vanquished. She offered them to join her, saying “Morkmurian would love to meet you!”. The PC’s refused, and Lucrecia pointed out that one of the surviving Black Arrows was a traitor that gave the information necessary to take Ft. Rannick. The other survivors beat him to a pulp and then took him into custody. Kaven can be interrogated later.

The PC’s were given the opportunity to become stewards of Ft. Rannick, along with a modest budget from Turtleback Ferry for repairs. Jakrados, stepfather to Shalelu Andosana, doesn’t wish to stay in the region but Vale Termos, another surviving Black Arrow, is willing to help rebuild the Order while the PC’s oversee the Fort’s operations.

New XP totals:



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